Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm a little black raincloud, of course.

Jack is 19 months. He is so friggin big, and so smart. I am constantly amazed by him. He can now recognize the Winnie the Pooh characters on his Pooh phone, and can hit the correct buttons when asked to. Maybe numbers next? But he now plays along with all of the hand motions on Little Einsteins and can even do them when asked without the show being on. So big, growing up so fast. New pics will come, right now I'm on a work computer and so no pics at my fingertips.

Brett has his P&G job and is liking it. General problems like personality conflicts arise, but not with supervisors and not to the point where his work is affected. He has been doing great there, people are noticing how bright he is and how hard he works.

This is week #3 at the GTVC. I'm really digging it. Not research, but an integral part to other people's research. Perfect for now. Steady, in my field, salaried. I'm learning a ton and it is a great job while I relax in family life and think about getting back to school in the future.

Had a depressed day the other day, been pretty solid ever since. Writing in a journal and taking long walks at lunch time. See how things go. Until then, this is Jen, the Potions Master signing off!

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