Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One Month Down

One month into 208 and I have no job. I tried a dishwashing job from Team Staffing, but they signed me up without checking with me. I told them 2nd shift would work, and it would have if they didn't want me until 12:30 on Mon and Sat, the last bus leaves at 11:20 on weekdays, 6:30 on weekends. So I had to decline. Now I wait.

I found my New Year's resolution. I plan to finish a few of the projects I've started, knitting-wise. My current task is finishing Jack's baby blanket, the one I began to crochet before he was born. I'm just hpoing to have it by his second birthday this September. OK, maybe sooner. I have to do 55 repeats of the two main rows. I finished 18 last night and plan to do at least one every day. I'll try to remember to take pics of it (and my other projects) and post them.

My other projects:
-Dark Mark Illusion scarf (pattern: I am through the first chart, just started the second.

-Dark Mark bag (pattern: I finished the front an just have to finish the plain, stockinette back.

-Brett's Socks. I'm doing basic socks with a k3p1 rib on the leg. The first one is about an inch done. I did finish one pair of socks though, and will post pics soon (I hope).

-Huge granny square blankie. I couldn't think of anything else to do with this yarn so I decided on a blanket. I made one 6 inch granny square and decide to just enlarge it rather than make a ton of little ones.

-Crochet choker (pattern: One and a half motifs in and still going (slowly).

The lure of new projects is great. My pile of UFOs grows. But when you have little time to knit/crochet... Things just don't get finished.

Between job searching, studying for the MCATs (which I need to do more of) an being a Mom and wife... the time just seems to slip away.

But hey, could be worse, you know.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New year, new luck (I hope)

2007 was, well, you decide. Here is a timeline:

Dec 22, 2007: Brett gets into a car accident. Other driver's fault so we get a new old car, but we were uninsured so we get a $710 fine. Brett is OK, he just needs to see a chiropractor every 2 days for up to 2 years.

Dec. 23, 2007: Heater goes out, landlord is out of town. We get it fixed, but still.

Dec. 25, 2007: At great-grandma's house Jack tries to climb mommy, ends up hitting his head on the thin-rugged cement floor. We need to wake him and check his pupils for signs of concussion.

Dec. 26, 2007: In an attempt to cook Jack breakfast I set the kitchen on fire. Brett has the cell phone so I end up walking to the fire station to have them clean the smoke out.

Dec. 31, 2007: Noon the new car becomes ours. 1:30 the new car dies. It is fixed now.

And then there was Jack's massive cold, Brett's massive food poisoning and me getting laid off...

But on the good side, I finished knitting my first pair of socks and I had a great interview this morning.

So who knows. Here is hoping 2008 is better for us.