Friday, February 22, 2008

Life... eh...

Still no job. No money. Unpaid bills. Thankfully the baby isn't going hungry (though I am drastically eating less and find myself often sustained by tea and the odd pretzel stick).

I have an interview at Wal Mart on Monday. Yeah, that's how desperate we are for a second paycheck. And I'm applying at McDonalds this afternoon. A fry cook with a Master's degree. Great. So as you can imagine I'm depressed as all hell. And my DH is really getting to me. I'm looking, pretty damn hard at that, but because I'm not pressing my nose against windows downtown and trying to look pathetic so someone might hand me a job, I'm not working hard enough. I'm not going to go on because today he is being really supportive, but yesterday I was supposedly enjoying not being in work and waiting around for a science job, this after applying at Wal Mart and CVS and the god damned Marriott for housekeeping. Yeah, science jobs all. And then it was because I applied online, which always takes months (and Wal Mart called what? 24 hours later?). I even applied at BioLife. Means no more donating, but it would be a paycheck and in a science-y field so it is very preferable right now.

On the bright side, I finished Brett's socks the other night. No pics yet, I was going to get them done but we got Jack back from his week stay with my mother-in-law and I wanted to get the second sock done. It was the whole "4 inches until I can start the toe. I'll just o that much." which turned into "Oh, I can just start the toe." That usually leads to "I'll just finish the toe, and weave in the ends." That is why I love socks. I get slow on the leg and on the foot, but the heel and gusset and tow are so modular that I find it hard to begin and not finish those sections.

And snow twinkles pretty when you wear sunglasses. Still blinding and I still have a headache, but pretty.

Now I better get back to work. Applied for another research position, only new one I'm qualified for, but I will see what other places have to offer.

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