Thursday, December 6, 2007

broken record

Everytime I start a new journal (or blog) I tell myself I will not use it as a depression dump, only writing when I feel depressed and such. Well, here we go again, only now I am depressed and have internet access for the night so everybody gets to watch.

Still at the chocolate factory, totally using my education to do what I planned to do for the rest of my life. I hope sarcasm works in type. And to top that off I fell in their parking lot and hurt my back. Team Staffing is taking care of it, but I'm on restriction so I can't bend, reach, twift, lift etc. I do what I can.

So work sucks, back hurts, love life is on the rocks.

No birth control = no nookie for Jen. Not to mention that my DH has taken a second job and works until midnight 4 days a week. Miss him terribly, makes me cry.

So yeah, Jen's "life sucks" update.

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