Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Bad Beginning

So the day I decide to start my new blog the site is down for hours. I woke up and thought, 'You know what you need? Another neglected blog. And you know where you need it? That place where all the best scrap freebies are housed." So I get into work and decide to go with a new blog so I go to and... nothing. Try again in 30 seconds. About 240 30 seconds later I finally got in. Now don't think I have no life, I didn't try every 30 seconds. About every 10-15 minutes and I'd get the same message, swear out loud and go back to whatever I was doing, namely procrastinating. I did get some work done, even plan on doing more, but first a post. A first post even.

So did I really need a new blog? Aren't myspace, livejournal and scrapgalaxy enough? Apparently not because I have been obsessed with starting this thing all morning. I need a new blog like I need another email address. But in this age of excess of course one more won't hurt.

New blog for my new life. I'm no longer a student. After 8 years of college and 3 degrees I'm working on working in the real world. Going to get paid hourly here until a new job pops up. Plus I'm getting a better handle on the depression (I am, after all, the poster child for mental illness with a whopping 4 diagnoses and another pending) but I'm happier now than I have been in, well, ever. My relationship with my son and husband have improved along with my mood, so all is well. Don't fret, I still have my moments and will surely blog about them.

Now as for readers... I don't really have anything to say and I am fully aware that I am my own biggest fan, but I write as if I have legions of followers who lie in wait for my every thought and feeling. I'm just that damn important, right? But anyhow, enough of that.


Mama was a punk:
Paper and ribbon: TaniaJPS Angry Freebie
Torn paper: Bloggidy - Leah Riordan Designs
Title Font: Tattoo Ink
Journaling Font: Littera 32
Completed May 19, 2007

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